Sunday, November 10, 2013


This experience occurred in the child's home after a few months attending Atrium. Patrice, age 4, followed her mother around the house, walking closely behind her for some time. The child could not settle herself and found no interest in any activity offered to her. When asked by her mother with some frustration as to what she wanted, the child replied that she wanted a procession. Surprised, the mother retorted, "You want a procession?" The child gleefully nodded her head and said, "I want to celebrate and meditate."
With that the two of them took their family Bible and a candle, and processed around the room singing hymns. After a few songs, they reverently placed the Bible on the family prayer table, lit the candle and stood in silence.
Later, the child now content, reflected on the goodness of the Lord. She remained peaceful throughout the day.

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