Sunday, November 17, 2013

Connecting Home and Church and the Atrium

Michael, age 8, shared his ideas for families to connect church, home, and the atrium:
1. Light a candle at dinner and think/talk about comparisons with light
and Jesus.
2. Say Grace at every meal.  Think about God's gift to us and us saying
thank you.  Think about how we can say grace always (silently at a friends
house or at school).  If you didn't say grace you wouldn't be saying thank you to
Jesus for the wonderful food.
3. For older group:  At church, listen to the words the priest is saying
and "connect all the parts together in your mind"
4. For older group:  Notice all the symbols of light in the church (ie.
Sun light shining through the window onto the cross, because that to me is
like God shining in upon us during mass. And sometimes you can even see
a shadow of Jesus from the cross within the sunrays and that is Jesus and
God together as they are together, shining down upon us.

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