Monday, October 26, 2009

Q: Do WE have enemies?
Will: Yes! Our enemy is the dark side.

Q: What did the Good Shepherd do with the wolf?
Will: The wolf is one of God's creatures, too. If the Shepherd killed it, he'd be a bad creature, just like the wolf.

Q: So what do you think of the hired man?
Will: He's just scared. he's not so bad, he's just scared.

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Oh, Lord, Shout for Joy!"

After presenting the Mustard Seed to 3 and 4 year old children, Betsy sang with them "Oh, Lord, Shout for Joy." The children added verses including, Early in the morning..., late in the afternoon..., When you wake up..., and finally a three year old sang, When you die...When you live...
Here is a story of Owen, who at 8-months-0ld accompanied his mother one afternoon during a weekend of formation in the Catechesis. All afternoon Owen had been happily occupied with his mom and a few nearby objects which she had provided. At the end of the day, the participants meditated together on the good shepherd. As I proclaimed this passage of Scripture, Owen straightened his torso and focused his attention at the sheepfold. As the figures of the Shepherd and the sheep were brought out of the sheepfold during the reading he outstretched his arms, cried out "aaahhh" and strained toward them, his face alight. When the figure of the Shepherd was rotated (away from Owen) to face the wooden sheep, Owen's face fell and his arms sagged. Noticing this, I turned the Shepherd toward Owen again. His glow returned and his arms returned to the upright and welcoming position until the end of the passage.

It was a wonderful moment, particularly as Owen is our Godson. I'd known in my heart that we would eventually be together in the atrium listening to the Good Shepherd. I didn't realize that moment would first arrive when he was 8 months old?