Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Lite of Crist has come from the darcness

Seven-year-old Sabina drew this picture during her first communion retreat.
She included the words, "The lite of crist has come from the darcness."

Monday, April 14, 2008

No one can take us out of Jesus

During the lesson on preparing the chalice at Mass. We said: "The wine represents Jesus. (Pour a full cruet into chalice.) The water represents you and me. (Pour one drop of water into the wine.) Now, what could this mean for us?"

Silence descended as they stared at what had just happened. Then they burst out: "We're inside Jesus...We disappear; we're gone...Yes...No, we're still us...We become Jesus...No one can take us out of Jesus!"

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Road to Emmaus

At the age of 13, the first year after Lizzy completed CGS, she was asked to share a reflection on the reading of the journey to Emmaus for the liturgy at her Confirmation retreat:

Good evening.
We share a similar journey as the disciples journey to Emmaus. We have been told of Jesus' death and resurrection, yet we try to understand its meaning. Sometimes we are confused by it, much like Jesus'disciples. We have read the Bible and learned about Jesus'teachings yet we remain blind. And although each of us has experienced the Lord's presence in our own life, have we learned to truly recognize Jesus?

The spiritual journeys we take as Christians are indeed journeys from blindness to sight. And we must rely upon the gift of discernment to aid us as we walk towards God.

There is a contrast between the women at the tomb and the disciples' response to Jesus' resurrection. The women did not see Jesus, but understood that the angel was sent by god and had accurately proclaimed that Jesus had risen. However, the disciples were chided for their disbelief and confronted with the scriptures by Jesus himself. Yet they could not understand the truth. Finally when Jesus shared a meal with them, their eyes were opened and they understood. Then Jesus left the disciples to marvel at the events of that day.

Let us come together as we prepare for our confirmation and share in the Paschal Mystery.