Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Lord is my King always

Branson, age 6, had a grandfather who was quite ill. He prayed these words at the prayer table:

The Lord is always my King.
And when I see Him I am never lonesome.
And when I am lonesome, some aren't.
And those who aren't, try to comfort me.
Bur you never know when you are going to be lonesome.
But the only thing that is in my heart is you and the animals
Help, this day, everyone who needs you.
But when I see you I feel really happy.

After Branson had finished saying these prayers he sat back in astonishment - wondering what had actually happened and from whence all these words had come! He said, "When I was silent I could hear God's voice in my head." He grabbed his head in wonderment and said, "It almost sounded like God was shouting at me!"

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