Sunday, October 20, 2013

I am new

In circle time with the children age 2-5 before going up for communion I asked if we had anyone who was new. Xavier’s hand went up. Xavier is three years old and had been attending our atrium since he was an infant. Thinking to myself that Xavier was only trying to get my attention I only responded to those children who were indeed new and visiting and continued with introducing the new children to the group. Meanwhile Xavier 's hand continued to wave persistently until after the last new child had been introduced, and with some exasperation, I finally said, "Yes Xavier." Xavier 's response was "I'm new." I responded, “Xavier you are not new. I have known you ever since you were a baby." At that Xavier looked me straight in the eye and slowly rose to his feet saying with all the seriousness of a three year old going on 33. "I am too new. Every morning when I wake up I am new. We are all new every single day." I humbly said,"Yes, Xavier you are right. Thank you for pointing this out to us."

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