Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It is our hope that this blog, Listening to the Child with the Center for Children and Theology, will become a place to discuss what the child is teaching us about God's love. That discussion happens in the comment area at the end of each post. Below, in last week's post--The Gate is Open--you'll see a great comment for discussion. At the end of each post, you'll see an underlined area telling you how many people have left comments. Click on the link to read what others are contemplating about the post. Feel free to leave your own comments, anonymously or with your name.

This child had created a book with her drawings from several years of work in the Atrium. The book was lost, and so in her great distress, the child began to meticulously recreate every drawing from the book. To the left is the original drawing of Pentecost done when the child was 3 years 9 months. To the right is the same drawing recreated at age 5 years 9 months.

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