Wednesday, January 1, 2014

He is like the fire!

It was early Epiphany so we had the Advent Wreath with its four candles and the added white one in the center for the Christ candle. It was getting dark outside and in the semidarkened room I lit each of the candles announcing that the center candle was the Christ candle. The blaze of all five candles overcoming the darkness was rather spectacular - causing Branson, age 6, to jump up with arms flung wide open - almost like a dancing prophet. He joyfully proclaimed his sudden insight and awareness of the often heard phrase that Jesus is the Light of the world. He literally danced about saying:

"Now I know why we use a candle to represent Jesus. He is like the fire! He starts small in one place of the world and spreads all over the world growing greater and greater everywhere he goes. It's like a campfire - you start with one little match and it catches fire to htis enormous pile of wood and blazes into a huge bonfire."

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