Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bread of Life

Trevor is age 5.  He has not always come to the atrium consistently, yet when he is present, he is contented and eager to work.  For several weeks now Trevor has only wanted to do the work with the parable of the leaven.  Quite familiar with the scripture having read it so often, Trevor just wanted me to sit with him as he worked yesterday.  Instead of reading the scripture first, I simply wondered out loud, "Since Jesus used parables to tell us about God and the Kingdom of God, I wonder what he wanted us to understand telling us a parable about leaven?" 

Trevor began working then, measured flour for both bowls leveling each scoop painstakingly slow, marveling at how each time it looked like a plowed field.  Then he  measured the yeast.  As he leveled off the yeast in the teaspoon he suddenly said out loud, yet to himself:   It makes perfect sense! Jesus is called the 'Bread of Life.' You have to have yeast to make Bread.  And Jesus is like the yeast for us!"

He happily stirred the water into the mixture, placed the bowls under the heat lamp, took the spoons to the washing bend and hummed contentedly to himself until it was time to gather at the prayer table. 

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