Wednesday, October 10, 2012

He is the bread and the wine

I began to present the Eucharistic Presence material.  As we set out the table, cloth, cup and plate, Alden said, “This is just like the table over there!” and he pointed at the Cenacle material which recounts the Last Supper.  Later, after he told me that the bread and wine are Jesus’ body and blood, Alden said, “But I don’t know how he fits his whole body in the bread and wine.”  After I removed the Good Shepherd statue, I wondered where Jesus was in the pasture of the church.  Alden replied, “On the table.  He is the bread and wine.”
We had placed the sheep around the table and I wondered if there were sheep at church.  Alden shook his head no.  I wondered who the sheep could represent, who is around the table at church.  Alden said, “People.  Just like that picture over there” and pointed to a painting of the Last Supper.  Later, as we replaced the sheep with the people, Alden chose the figure of the priest.  He said, “Why do we have a priest? I thought Jesus was in the bread and wine.”  I wondered if Alden thought a priest and Jesus are the same thing, and he said “yes.”  He chose to sit in silence and after when I wondered what he heard, Alden said, “God.  He said Jesus is always with us.”

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