Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Epiphany Praise

We did an Epiphany Celebration with our Level 2 children. On the surface, it was not going according to my plan - our time got cut short unexpectedly, it felt too rushed, etc. But the Lord was at work anyway! I gave cards to the children, and asked them to write (if they wished) a response to the great gift we have been given. They then had a chance to place those in a "treasure chest" box on the prayer table. Some of the responses were:
--I will praise your name Lord for the rest of my life.
--Lord, I praise your holy name. (With a picture of a dove in front of a cross).
--Immanuel, how can I thank you for the wonderful beauty?
--Lord, I am your daughter and you are my father.
--I love the Lord like a rose on a sunny day.

It was wonderful!

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