Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lenora, age 5, had just received the presentation on the Found Sheep. She asked to sing the Good Shepherd song (a song that I've been working on writing and had shared a bit with her). We sang together and then she suggested that the song needed more verses. She suggested, "I love the sheep, and the sheep love me" and we sang this. She then began to meditate on the Good Shepherd. For the next hour she meditated and periodically come to me to offer another "verse" for the song. These were the verses:
* "Everybody's a family.
* Everybody in the green tree is a family.
* All the birds that sing are in the family.
* Everybody that are animals are in the family.
* Everything that sings is part of me.
* All the trees I see is a part of me.
* And I love green beans.
* And I love all the twinkles in the trees.
* And I love green beans.
* And I love all the monkeys in the trees."
Upon finishing her meditation, she gave me her "book" with a freehand drawing of "God" and two tracings each of the Good Shepherd and the sheep.
The next day, Lenora chose to work with the Good Shepherd again. While meditating, she again offered me more verses: "I love smelling flowers. I love taking showers (that rhymes)" and later, "God has lots of power." She gave me her meditation tracing of a sheep with many lines and circles all around it. Lenora explained that it is "The Protected Sheep" with "like a bubble around it."

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