Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pour Goodness into Herod

Flora, age 7, was working with the Leaven. She had prepared two bowls of flour and water--one with yeast and one without--in order to meditate on how the Kingdom of Heaven is like the leaven. Her catechist wondered how the dough with the leaven in it could be like the Kingdom of God. Pointing back and forth between the two bowls, she said:

(bowl with leaven)“Power, (bowl without leaven)No Power;
(bowl with leaven)Love (bowl without leaven)Less love;
(bowl with leaven)A big heart, a big family;
(bowl with leaven)“Bright, like God;(bowl without leaven)Dark, like Herod” (earlier in the day, she had had the presentation on the Flight into Egypt)
(bowl with leaven)Big world;(bowl without leaven)Tiny, tiny world
(bowl with leaven)Bread and wine;(bowl without leaven)Water and candy, cause candy’s not good for you.”
The following week, she asked about Herod, “Why would he kill a baby?” Flora was again working with the Leaven. She said, “I wish I could pour this in [the leavened dough into the unleavened]…pour goodness into Herod.”

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