Monday, December 15, 2008

Mary Had a Baby

Hayden's (age 4) sung prayer at the Paschal Candle:
"Mary had a baby. This is good for all of us, and pray for Mary until the baby, until he dies in the ground, and then he rose on the cross. He was alive a long, long time ago. I thought he would never die again. But you can still go where he lived.
"Someday at supper he said, 'Here's my body' and 'Here's my blood. You should drink this until I die.' And if you wanted to go to the Land of Israel, you'd have to go across the ocean, and over New York and over the salty sea and the plane would drop you off where Jesus lived."

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Catherine Maresca said...

This child's words remind me that he knows we celebrate all the dimensions of the coming of Christ at Christmas: his birth, life, Last Supper,death, resurrection, and continuous presence with us through Baptism and Eucharist. We have so often belittled children's potential by belittling the incarnation to "Jesus' birthday."
Catherine Maresca