Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Good Shepherd is keeping his eye on him

A catechist was presenting the Good Shepherd parable to four-year-old Oliver, a child often known as the class clown of the atrium.

As they read the Scripture Oliver moved the figures. At the end, he chose not to move the sheep back to the Good Shepherd. Then he took one sheep from the group and moved it away from the others, and then into the sheepfold, alone. The catechist asked him, " ...this sheep is not with the others?" He said, " The sheep doesn't want to be with the others right now." He thought a moment and added, " But the Good Shepherd is keeping his eye on him anyway." The catechist said, "The Good Shepherd and these sheep may be very far away - can he see the sheep still?" He answered, " Yes."
Later, he moved all the other sheep into the fold to join the one. He looked at the Good Shepherd and said, " His face is beautiful. The sheep like to look at him....he has a beautiful face."

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