Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A mother whose children attend an atrium recounted this story about her youngest child who was not yet old enough to begin:

Kristina (5th grade), Kyle (18 months) and I were sitting on her bed. Kyle was holding a small icon picture of the Good Shepherd which had just fallen from where it had been hanging in our hallway. As far as I know Kyle had never seen it before. Kristina pointed to the Good Shepherd and said "Who is this, Kyle?" To which he responded "Mommy." I then pointed to the sheep, and asked "Who is this?" "Baby," he answered.

A short while later, my husband wanted to show us all how well Kyle knew all our names. He proceeded to ask him, "Where's Kristina?" "Where's Eric...Eliza...Mommy... Daddy?" To which Kyle pointed appropriately in turn. When asked "Where is Kyle?" he pointed to the sheep in the Good Shepherd picture he was still holding and said, "Me." I had never talked to him about the Good Shepherd.

How vividly we see the deep spiritual connection between the Good Shepherd and the child that exists and is beyond our understanding.

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